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Meet the author of the blog, Amanda Rakel Chidekel 
...the cultural mess

My mother is from Denmark, and my father is from Sweden. They travelled around a lot, so when I finally came to planet earth, it was in Rüsselsheim, Germany. At the age of four my parents, my big sister, my little brother and I moved to Switzerland. This is where I grew up, attending an international school until I graduated from high school. I've bounced around London, New York and Copenhagen, with Switzerland acting as the base in between. I now find myself back in Copenhagen where I am focusing on my music career. Writing lyrics brings me so much joy, but sometimes I enjoy a deeper dive, hence the blog.  

Although I've relocated  a lot, one thing has always remained the same: my love for writing. I've had a couple of blogs. One was about weight loss, and the other one was an opinion piece blog. Both fizzled out. The fitness program I chose to undertake and blog about, ended up in arthritis and a knee surgery. The second blog fizzled out from lack of experience in...well, life. Since, writing has been channeled into writing lyrics, and I have an active music career under the stage name Amanda Rakel. 

My family motto is to "never give up" here comes blog number three where I explore everything from women's rights and being a third culture kid, to the best highlighters and brunch places in Berlin. 


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