First Makeup Tutorial FINALLY Up!

If you know me, you know that I’m obsessed with makeup. My old roommate in the US always said that if she lost me at target, she knew she could find me in the beauty aisle. For many years now, I have done my friends and family members’ make up, and I sincerely enjoy it. I also really enjoy pampering my own face into something presentable. My friends have often asked me if I can teach them how to do their makeup…however when they come over it usually just ends up with me doing

Nars Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer

A warm bronzer that gives a nice natural finish with the use of Soft Blurring Technology £29 Continuing from my last post about my trip to the Nars store in Covent Garden, here's a review of the bronzer (in the shade falaises) I purchased. Although the Nars makeup artist gave me an awesome all over glow with the bronzer, it took me a few attempts to replicate it. The consistency of the bronzer was a bit waxy to start off with, and I felt like I was unable to lift up much prod

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

A light foundation with buildable coverage £33 Despite being a makeup enthusiast, it’s taken me a long time to hop on the Nars bandwagon. I’ve often admired their aesthetic and when I swatch away at their makeup stations, I’m never disappointed. So I’m surprised it took me until December 2017 to make my first purchase. I started off with their blush “deep throat”. The name alone is enough to make me blush, so I barely need to apply any when I open the compact. However, I've

Iconic London Illuminator

Mother of all highlighters The mother of all highlighters. One highlighter to rule them all. It is none other than the Iconic London illuminator. I first came across this amazing product when I started watching makeup artist Jamie Genevieve’s YouTube channel. I was immediately obsessed with the dewy glow she was able to achieve with this highlighter and went online to order it right away. Unfortunately, it was out of stock, so I signed up for a re-stock email announcement. A