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30 Tidbits Before 30 - Day 11: Share Contacts

Kids sharing a lemonade
From The Swiss National Museum

Category: Music Industry

To all up-and-coming artists and to those who once were in that position, it’s so important to help each other out.

We’ve been taught to hold our cards close to us and not to share. That sharing means you’ll give a leg-up to someone who will then steal that record deal or gig from you. Relax, it’s not really like that.

I’ve felt immense gratitude and love towards other artists who are willing to share contacts and tips. From producers, to photographers, everything helps when you’re in the up-and-coming stages. The music industry is oversaturated, so I understand not wanting to share a contact in fear that your own content will be lost within the masses. But I believe one should have the confidence in their own music and trust that another artist’s light, doesn’t mean you can’t shine through as well.

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