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30 Tidbits Before 30 - Day 9: Disinfect Your Gadgets

Germs on hands

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When I did my bachelors and my masters, there was the option of taking notes on your laptop. I rarely did this as I’m obsessed with pens and paper, so I preferred scribbling notes by hand. But during lectures, I’d often be seated behind people who opted for their laptop. At times it was hard to concentrate on the lecturer when the person in front of you was sending memes on Instagram to their friends. Hard, because I had to suppress the urge to chuckle at the meme. But what I noticed the most with the array of laptop screens blaring away, were the greasy keyboards and screens. Urgh. Yuck. I had an overpowering urge to snatch the laptops, disinfect the keyboard and wipe the screens clean.

So this post is for those of you who don’t regularly clean your laptop or your keyboards.

Some studies show that your keyboard can have more than three times the amount of bacteria than a public toilet.

I hope that’s enough to spur you on to clean your gadgets. Here’s a helpful article on how to do that!

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