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Pixi Skincare

Updated: Mar 30, 2018

For the past two years I’ve seen plenty of advertising for the cute bottled Pixi skin care products. In particular I’ve noticed the rave reviews for their Glow Tonic. I’ve been wanting to change up my moisturizer routine so, after some obsessive google research, I decided to visit the Pixi store in Carnaby street, London and see what the products are all about.

I may, or may not have been completely swayed by the incredibly sweet packaging (pastel colours that speak to my inner child) but the store was so hyggelig (cosy in Danish) and I was impressed by the products I tested.

I’ve noticed that my skin is dry, so after receiving help from the lady in the shop, I settled on the rose flash balm for a moisturiser. To really amp the moisture I also purchased the rose oil blend and the rose caviar essence. I was instructed to start with the rose caviar essence. It has a jelly-like consistency and it looks like petals have been delicately squashed inside the tube. After that, the rose oil is applied. First you warm 2-3 drops in your hands and pat it into your skin. Last, the rose flash balm is applied which helps with moisture and also works as a primer for your make up too. Of course, before all this moisture madness takes place, the glow tonic is used. It’s an exfoliating tonic and helps brighten the complexion.

Once home and snuggled into my unflattering college t-shirt and sweatpants, I attempt the routine. First, I wash my face with my Elemis face balm. I hadn’t run out of face wash, so I decide to hold off on buying that for the meantime. Then I go through the Pixi skin care routine. At the end, my skin looks dewy and smells like a botanical garden – it’s divine. I feel like I belong on a YouTube beauty blogger channel doing a “get un-ready with me” vlog. It takes a while for the moisture to soak in, which I don’t mind as I take it as a sign that a massive infusion of moisture is taking place (I could be wrong). The next morning, I feel like the moisture is still locked into the skin. I repeat the routine and apply my make up on top of it. Aside from smelling nice and feeling like it’s doing a good job, I’m a fan of the the products. I travelled to Copenhagen the following day and I liked that all the products I bought were within travel size too – no messy transfer between pots that have the 100ml limit. It’s still early days, but I have high hopes for these Pixi products and I believe I’ll look like a natural dewy goddess within two weeks.

Inside the store, I also tested their dewy H20 moisturiser. That is definitely on the wish list! It sparkled prettily on my hand after I’d applied it. But with my shopping cart already adding up, I decided to forgo it.

A month later…

I understand the rave for the Glow Tonic; it really does remove a lot of gunk from my face, and I’m a fan. Unfortunately, the moisturizing routine isn’t working for me. I love the rose oil, but it takes a long time to soak in, so I only use it in the areas I really need moisture. When I apply my foundation, it looks like small pieces of toilet paper are stuck to my face: is it the rose balm that’s coming off like a residue? Is it dead skin? Is it my foundation not reacting well? While I initially loved the travel sized product, they do run out quickly. Pixi isn’t as pricey as other skincare lines but I would have liked that the products lasted a bit longer.

If you don’t need a heavy moisturiser, the rose line from Pixi, should be enough; but I need a little extra oomph. I sadly wave goodbye to the cute packaging and move onto the next.

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